Stop Looking for Cheat Codes

Recently, I came across a series of tweets from Michael Arcenaux, author of “I Can’t Date Jesus…,” that I had saved in my Twitter Moments:

Michael Arcenaux Cheat-Code Tweet.PNG

The first tweet was an open palm. The second, a dousing of baby powder upon that palm; and the third, the clincher, a freshly-powdered pimp slap right across my face.

You didn’t have to read me like that, sir. But I’m glad you did.

Hello. My name is Will, and I’m one of those fishing-for-cheat-codes people.

I know.

Shame on you.gif

Full disclosure, there is a part of me that wants things to be easy, plain and simple. Another part of me simply doesn’t want to waste any time. If I have the formula(s) for success, I can apply them and garner my own success as well, without having to worry about that pesky little thing called Failure. My fear of failure is crippling; as is my fear of uncertainty. It’s like I can’t get myself to move forward unless I have a clear plan and assurance that whatever I’m setting out to accomplish will actually be successful. So I fish for cheat codes. From everybody.

The funny part is: even when I’m given the formulas and roadmaps from people…they don’t work. I either sit on them, still scared to even try, or I apply them and fail anyway because those strategies don’t at all match with my individual career goals and personality.

I keep forgetting a few pieces of advice I received and should have learned a long fucking time ago:

  1. No one can avoid failure. It is inevitable and, in most cases, very helpful.

  2. I’ll achieve nothing actually worth having without INTEGRITY and AUTHENTICITY!

  3. Success takes time! I cannot rush it by looking for/executing quick strategies for achievement.

Elevator to success.gif

It’s time for me to stop chasing and fishing for cheat codes. To use boxing metaphors I know nothing about: I have to get in the ring, stick and move, and take some punches along the way.

My journey is my own. While it can be influenced and advised by others, I must learn to forge my own path instead of copying what others have done before me. Yes, Will, it’s going to take some time to get there. Yes, Will, it’s going to be challenging—sometimes hard as fuck—to make your dreams come true. Yes, Will, there will be plenty of times when you’re not going to know what move to make next or how to get it done. But you can figure it out without using someone else’s formula. Create your own.

No more cheat codes, Will. No more.

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