Mom Dukes For The Win!

I didn’t know I was a writer until, at the still-tender age of 24, I created a blog and gave it the name “Evolution Of A Man.” In the early days, the writing was non-stop and fearless. I wrote about everything: Coming out of the closet; being raised in a religious home, and the effects that had on me as a gay-black man; longing for friendship and companionship; chasing boys around clubs; trying to discover my prostate; Beyoncé. The list of things I had to talk about was seemingly endless.

Then I lost my job, had to move into a much smaller apartment, battled with a serious bout of depression, and stopped caring about everything.

In the years since, I’ve had a desperate desire to write, but no words to say. Each year I’d dust the cobwebs off “Evolution Of A Man” and proclaim my triumphant return to writing, only to spittle out, at most, ten posts a year. Pitiful. The truth: As desperate my desire was to write, my soul yearned for me to sit my ass down and answer the question: “Who Am I?”

I didn’t know at the time, but my not being able to answer that question was the very reason I wasn’t able to write.

But ohhhhh, what God and some self-reflection can do to turn the tables around. Amen?

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The last two years of my life have been filled with so much growth and self-awareness I can barely contain myself! I stand now with a strength and confidence I’ve never felt before; didn’t even know was possible for me. I’d gladly go back to high school and slay with the full knowledge that I'm Dope As Fuck!

Now, I will say this: the Jheri ain’t all the way curled over yet. I’ve still got a lot of work to do; because knowledge and application are two completely different things. While I feel confident and fearless, applying that in my life and my writing is going to take some effort.

Enter Mama McNair.

Mama McNair in Antarctica. Literally called me one day and said, "I'll be back. I wanna see some penguins." This is my favorite picture of her.

Mama McNair in Antarctica. Literally called me one day and said, "I'll be back. I wanna see some penguins." This is my favorite picture of her.

Being a different person, in a different space today than when I created “Evolution Of A Man” 14 years ago, I need(ed) to create a new site to match the new me, but I couldn’t think of another name. When I mentioned this to Mama McNair, she hit me with a smooth, “You could always use”

Say what now??? Like hell that URL is available.

Apparently, because my mom, too, is the shit, she purchased her, my, and my sister’s Like, YEARS AGO! “Just in case you ever wanted to use it,” she said!

Mom Dukes for the muhfuckin’ win!! What better way to show up, write fearlessly, and claim what’s mine than to stop hiding under some made-up shit and use my own God and Mama McNair-given name?!?!

I love that woman.

Also…IT’S ON!

Welcome to! Go on 'head and get comfortable...cuz I like to talk.

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