Will McNair
Will McNair
Introspective Potty-Mouth, Storyteller, and Lover of Things That Make You Fat.
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writing fearlessly

It all started with a blog called Evolution Of A Man, way back in 2004. I was relatively new to New York, and adulthood, and I wanted a vehicle to keep family and friends back home up to date with all my NYC shenanigans. Enter Blogger.

At first I was fearless: journal-writing about everything from reconciling with my past to conversing with my prostate. Nothing was off limits. Then I hit thirty, became riddled with anxiety (the advent of social media didn't help), and I found myself having to answer the question "WHO AM I?" all over again.

I have the answers now. And, thanks to my therapist, marijuana, and a burgeoning confidence I'd gladly take back to high school, I'm ready to write, fearlessly, once again. Only this time sans the need for a title. Just me: An introspective potty-mouth who loves things that make you fat.

I'm Will McNair. Welcome to my little piece of the Internet.

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"THe Place in which I'll fit will not exist until I make it."

James Baldwin


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